1_1  Kick Off meeting 29 February -1 March, 2016

1_2 Needs and analysiss questionnaire

1_5 Report on Quality Assurance at the private higher education institutions in Albania and Kosova

1_6 Study visit at Politehnica University of Buchares, 1-3 June 2016

2_1 Establish / Support the QA Structure

2_2 Report on “Quality Assurance, Qualifications Frameworks and Recognition” – Survey conducted with private higher education institutions in Albania and Kosova

2_3 Study visit at Salzburg University_28-30 September, 2016 

2_4 Job descriptions for the QA officers

2_5 RoundTable Discussion held in Tirana, Albania, 23-24 March, 2017

2_6 Ongoing Support to the QA Office – 1st workshop on Quality Assurance in Research

2_7 - 1st Targeted trainings for QA Officers, Salzburg, December 2016 

2_7 - 2nd Targeted trainings for QA Officers, Bucharest, November 2017

3_1 Identification of the needed equipment

3_2 Preparation of the tender procedure Training for management, academic & administrative staff and for students held in Tirana, Albania 13-15 February, 2017

5_3 Workshop on development of QA Action Plan

Consortium Meeting, May 29-30, 2017

Final project dissemination plan

Final project Qualtity Assurance Plan

WP 8: Project Management (MNGT)