Activities & Implementation Status

WP1: Preparation phase

1.1    Kick off meeting (Completed)

1.2    Questionnaire development (Completed)

1.3    Data gathering (Completed)

1.4    Data processing (Completed)

1.5    Report on needs and analysis (on the QA existing structures and processes) (Completed)

1.6    Study visit and workshop in Bucharest (Completed)


WP 2: Establish/support the quality assurance structures

2.1 Establish / support the QA structures (Completed)

2.2 Trainings needs analysis of QA offices (Completed)

2.3 Study visit and workshop in Salzburg (Completed)

2.4 Job descriptions for the QA officers (Completed)

2.5 Round table discussion (Completed)

2.6 Ongoing support to the QA Office (Completed)

2.7 Targeted trainings for the QA officers (Completed)


WP 3: Equipment purchase

3.1 Identification of the needed equipment (Completed)

3.2 Preparation of the tender procedure (Completed)

3.3 Launch of the tender (Completed)

3.4 Equipment purchase and contracting (Completed)


WP 4: Trainings at all levels;

4.1 Training for management and academic staff (Completed)

4.2 Training for administrative staff (Completed)

4.3 Training for students (Completed)


WP 5: Action plans for the institutions on QA;

5.1 Development of a SWOT analysis by PHEI (Completed)

5.2 Study visit and workshop (Completed)

5.3 Development of a QA Action Plan (Completed)

5.4 Online coaching (Completed)


WP 6: Quality Control (QPLN);

6.1 Quality control of implementation and management plan (Completed)

6.2 Internal financial controlling (Completed)

6.3 External evaluation (project & financial)

6.3.1. External project evaluation

6.3.2 External financial evaluation


WP 7: Dissemination (DISS);

7.1 Dissemination through project website (Completed)

7.2 Dissemination through multiplication (Completed)

7.3 Dissemination through events and other activities (Completed)


WP 8: Project Management (MNGT);

8.1 Day to day project management (Completed)

8.2 Financial Management and Controlling (Completed)


WP 9: Sustainability (EXP);

9.1 Sustainability through dissemination (Completed)

9.2 Sustainability through local ownership & institutionalization (Completed)