Equipment installed in University Marin Barleti


Marin Barleti University, within the framework of the Erasmus + Project: "Strategic Support on Strengthening the Quality Assurance Structures at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Albania", inaugurated the creation of new premises in the university campus on the eve of the beginning of the new academic year with new equipments purchased from this project.


The successfully completed project enabled the inauguration of some special classes that will be available to students, among which we can mention:

  •  “ICT Lab”: a lab of information and communication technology equipped with hardware with the latest parameters to enable high standards of the learning process.


  • “Digital Classroom”: a complete environment with modern equipment adapted to the most efficient teaching of the latest technology.


  • “Business Boardroom”: appropriate space that offers multiple facilities for organizing meetings, professional meetings, videoconferencing, etc.


  • “Multimedia Class”: interactive and multimedia classroom equipped with audio-visual elements such as smart board, projector, tablet, TV, speakers, microphones, etc.