1st workshop on Quality Assurance in Research held on 27 October, 2017


Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Strategic Support on Strengthening the Quality Assurance Structures at the Private HEIs in Albania”, the first workshop on Quality Assurance in Research was held at the University of New York in Tirana, on 27 October, 2017.

Partners discussed on key challenges that the higher education institutions face nowadays. Particularly, some attention was given to research outcomes evaluation, teaching load for researchers, internal small grants for research and administrative support. All measures to be taken by the institution should aim enhancing higher quality of research. During the workshop three presentations were delivered as follows:

  • Ariana Cela, Ed.D- Head of Economics and Business Research  Center - Presentation of the: Research agenda at UNYT: European Charter for Researchers
  • PhD.  Eltion Meka -Head of Social Sciences Research Center - Presentation of the: EU- funded projects- UNYT story
  • Francesca Pomerantz, Ed.D., Fulbright Specialist - Presentation of the: Supporting high quality faculty research

Moreover, present in the workshop were all the beneficiary institutions of the project.